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Concept of health & healing The diseases develop within the psyche, the conditioned mind brain equipment. The state of mind interferes with the function of body’s immune system. If our immune system is not functioning well, it will fail to defend us from bacteria or virus and an illness may come.

 The mind generates thoughts. The mind under the influence of different stimulus and own attitude, the mind under goes stages of Kshipta, Vikshipta, Moodha, Ekagra and Nirudha states (Patanjal Yoga Sutra)

The Difference Between Health vs. Healing

People plunged into a serious health crisis typically can’t pause to take a deep breath, never mind take a step back to reflect.

So to help look at all the ways in which people heal, more in the aftermath than in the midst of critical medical moments, we turned to someone who has reflected thoroughly, throughout a long career, to describe the similarities—and differences—between “health” and “healing.”

Dr. Archelle Georgiou, of Minneapolis, is a narrator, former healthcare industry executive and author of Healthcare Choices, a book on medical decision-making. Even if she emphasizes there is no universal definition of words so essential to CaringBridge users, we believe Dr. Georgiou has captured the essence. In her own words:

“The origin word for ‘health’ and ‘healing’ is the same.

“They are both derived from the Old English word ‘hale,’ meaning ‘wholeness, being whole, sound or well.’ While health and healing are complementary, the definitions of these words are completely different.

“The most broadly accepted definition of ‘health,’ as established by the World Health Organisation: ‘A state of complete physical, mental and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.’ Health is a noun.

“Healing is a verb. It refers to the process of restoring health. And, just as the definition of health is multi-dimensional, the range of healing processes is equally broad.

“Healing can indicate to the physiologic processes that mend an injury, and also to the emotional, spiritual, or psychological processes that relieve stress, achieve acceptance, and promote hope.

“Healing is about taking action. It includes the body’s repair mechanisms, the interventions of clinical professionals, as well as the behaviours you engage in that positively influence your health.

“While health is an result, healing is a choice.”

Concept of health & healing

When we are fighting and struggling for our bread and butter, we are being influenced by stimulus that we receive at work place, through job stress, life stress. All these stresses influence our mind. The mind stores impressions in form of vrittis (mental alteration). These impressions live within us. All our experience and actions constantly leaving impressions upon the mind. The mind is a big storehouse of such impression/ vrittis.

 Anger, fear, lust, greed, jealousy, pride, egoism, likes and dislikes are waves in the mind guided by Rajasic and Tamasic tendencies of individual.

It is natural for a man to respond to stress reaction when he encounters a tiger or cobra. But the civilised man responds to other stressors in the same way. At the time of anger and other emotional fits, we react in the same way because we are unable to discriminate between the stressors and a cobra.

Yogic Principles of Management

At this stage, the age-old tradition of yoga and meditation are beginning to enter modern health care as a way to manage stress relate ailment and promote positive health.




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