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How to Last Longer In Bed?

How long does your sex last? It’s a question that men often think themselves. How to Last Longer In Bed While quickies are great and all, sometimes you want something that lasts a little longer. But what’s longer? If you don’t want to share, here is the stats what it says. The average sex duration is 5-7 minutes, but 80% of male last less than 2 minutes.

Both men and women want longer lasting sex, but guys lack the sexual stamina to make it happen.

How to Last Longer In Bed

In this article, we publish the top sex techniques and strategies that you can use to delay ejaculation and last longer in bed.

How to Last Longer In Bed

Step 1: Reduce Your Sexual Anxiety

Sex is supposed to be delightful, but it’s tough to have fun if you’re constantly worrying about how well you’re doing. Dropping in with any sort of anxiety about your sexual abilities will make you cum much faster than you want to.

Lots of different worries can lead to the problem:

  • Fear that you won’t execute well in bed and satisfy your partner sexually
  • Impaired body image, including concern over your weight
  • Worry that your penis won’t “measure up”
  • Worry about ejaculating too early or taking too long to reach orgasm
  • Anxiety about not being capable to have an orgasm or enjoy the sexual experience

These things may lead your body to discharge stress hormones like epinephrine and norepinephrine.

The only way to improve is to approach sex with a confident, positive outlook on how you’re going to perform.

The best way to do that? Talk to your partner about it.

If you bring up your worry about how long you’re lasting and that you want to work on it with them, they’re not going to consider less of you. Rather, they’ll understand higher of you for wanting to improve your sex life together, and want to work on it with you.

It’s nothing to be guilty or embarrassed about, and you’ll find that just being open about it will fix half the problem on its own.

No partner? No worries. You can easily perform without one.

Step 2: Exercise


Not just for the ladies, kegels strengthen the pubococcygeusOpens in a new Window.Opens in a new Window or “PC” muscle, and are easy to do. “Shrink the PC muscle, the same one that you’d use to stop the flow of urine in midstream. Squeeze and hold for five to seven seconds, then relax.” Kegels improve ejaculatory control and can lead to stronger, firmer erections. Advantage is, it can be done pretty much anytime, anywhere.

Pelvic Lifts

A strong pelvis means that you can hold sexual positions. Especially those that involve swiveling and twisting. Do one set of 8-10 pelvic lifts every other day to exercise the muscles that attach to the pelvis and hips. Lie straight on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Take a deep breath, clench your abs and butt and lift your pelvis with your spine straight. Slowly and calmly suck in your abdominal wall and breathe. Hold that position for 12-15 seconds , and then relax.

Groin Stretches

Stretching your groin boost flexibility and opens up the possibility of positions that might otherwise be uncomfortable or plain impossible. Sit on the floor, and bring your feet toward your body. Let your knees drop to the side until you feel a pull – just on the verge of discomfort. Hold that position for 10 to 20 seconds, but don’t overdo it. Any more than that will rupture tiny muscle fibers, damaging the area that you’re trying to loosen and strengthen. Do this stretch several times a day, slowly, and with controlled pressure.

Reverse Crunches

Reverse crunches are the ditto as regular ones, except that they require you to raise your legs rather than your torso. Lie on your back with your arms at your sides, and lift your legs off of the ground. Keep your knees bent at a 90-degree angle so your thighs point up and your lower legs point straight forward. Next, roll your pelvis backward, and momentarily hold your hips a few inches off the floor to improve thrusting power and endurance. Do three sets of 10 to 15 crunches, four times per week.


Lunges act key muscles in the butt, hips, and thighs, which are the ones you depend on for support in the missionary, standing, and kneeling positions. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and, with your back straight, take one long step forward, bending your front leg until your thigh is parallel to the floor. Your other knee should approximately touch the floor. Go back to the original position and repeat with another leg for one rep. Do three sets of 5 to 10 reps, four times a week.


A stronger upper body gives you superior support during the man-on-top position and all its variations. Doing three sets of 10 to 15 push-ups, four times a week, will develop the muscles in your chest, arms, and shoulders, allowing for more time to explore those variations without getting shaky arms and cracking joints. With your legs, back, and neck in a straight line, keep the balls of your feet on the floor and support yourself with your hands just beyond the width of your shoulders. Lower yourself until your chest almost touches the floor, then slowly raise yourself back to the starting position.

Step 3: Practice Premature Ejaculation Exercises

Two of the most famous premature ejaculation exercises are the “stop-start method” and the “squeeze technique.” These exercises are used to train men with premature ejaculation to naturally last longer. But you can use the exercise to train yourself to last longer, even if you don’t go through premature ejaculation! All you need to do is masturbate until you almost reach the ‘point of no return’ – and then stop. Repeat this process few time before coming.

As you’re getting more aroused, recall the STAB technique to slow yourself down:

  1. Squeeze: Squeeze your PC muscles HARD like you’re doing an extreme kegel. Hold them for at least 10 – 15 seconds, but the longer you can hold the more you’ll come down.
  2. Think: Think about something else.

Step 4: Techniques for Lasting Longer During Sex

Spend more time on foreplay.

It might make the intercourse part a little shorter, but invest more time on foreplay so you’re more warmed up, it will extend the sex session on the whole and make sure you’re both satisfied.

Use Thick or Delay Condoms

Some people find that certain types of condoms help prolong intercourse. Some even say they can last “forever” when using  condoms. Search for brands that boast “extra strength”. Mostly, these condoms are thicker than most, which prevents your penis from becoming overstimulated.

Use Desensitizing Sprays, Creams or Gels

Desensitising sprays, creams or gels can make you last longer by partially numbing the penis. The drawback is that this takes some of the pleasure and excitement out of sex!

Use Sex Positions for Edging

Edging during foreplay is smooth, but during sex it’s a little different. You don’t want to stop and start thrusting after all that’s going to be frustrating for her, and it’ll give you performance anxiety from worrying about cumming too soon.

Rather, you can edge yourself during sex by switching up your positions.

Breathing Slowly from Your Diaphragm

The way you breathe also affects how immediately you ejaculate.

If you want to be less aroused and feel less anxious, breath slowly and make sure you’re taking deep belly breaths with your diaphragm. Taking brisk breaths in your shoulders and chest is what you do when you’re about to cum, so if you’re doing that, your body thinks you’re close.

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