How to stop being possessive towards partners?

Today We Will Talk About How to stop being possessive towards partners? Possessive can be defined as lack of self-confidence, fear of abandonment, often referring to a deep fear of being abandoned, and possessiveness is a reaction that can be seen in people suffering from a cruel lack of self-confidence.  Being possessive in a relationship gives the feeling of remaining in control object desire. Possessiveness is a form of imaginary love that gives the impression of loving the other while it is different. Indeed, being possessive is a blinding defect that leads to believe in genuine love when it results from a pure desire to control the present. It is a fear of change, a way of clinging to the other that leads most often to a destructive passion when the needs of both individuals didn’t materialize. Love suffers from a toxic relationship that possessive a person to imagine that the other is nothing more than his property.

Possessiveness is a natural fear that can be overcome, the following can be of help:

Feel confident: do not forget who you are

 You are a person in your own right, and no matter how much you love your spouse, remember that before you choose to go that way with him, you live too! You are not only half a couple. Even if it seems inconceivable to you to live without your partner, you can also do it very well! If you doubt it or have, take the time to eliminate misconceptions. Take out a sheet of paper and write down all your qualities, all that you have done well by yourself. What did you accomplish alone? Who did you help? What are you proud of? Perhaps you have improved your child flourish, a loved one to find a job, or you have successfully started an activity, professional or not. Don’t look down on yourself, you are extraordinary, and you’ll stay that way even if your relationship ends.

How to stop being possessive towards partners

If you love your companion, it is because he has many qualities. He’s a great person, and you’ve noticed him for his smile, his good mood, his humor or the charm he has, he has everything to please. And if you saw it, many others will see it too! And that’s normal; there’s nothing wrong with that. It is then up to him/her to refuse advances. But thinking about it can lead to more jealousy than reason, which may be harmful to your couple. We imagine things easily, which can quickly make us possessive in our relationship at a distance. Indeed, separation does not help.

Ask yourself the right questions to determine the causes behind this behaviour. Why do you feel possessive of your partner? This question probably has more than one answer. You may not be able to unravel all the reasons why you think possessive, but each item you can point fingers at will be easier to dismantle. Do some work on yourself to determine where this possessive habit comes from. Was the cause in an old relationship? Did someone betray you? Deceived? Once an object is found, it is easier to find a plan of action to disassemble it.

Think about it:

In situations that make you feel possessive,

To the specific things that your partner does or does not do that make you feel possessive.

 Talk about the reasons for your possessiveness with your partner. To overcome possessiveness, and communication is the key. Try to explain to your partner how you feel, without minimizing the negative impact of this jealousy on him/her.

Take a step back on your relationship, and the situation:

If you are too possessive in your relationship at a distance, it is because you are afraid. Fear of being cheated, replaced, and injured. Ask yourself what you risk in the worst case. And the answer is simple: at most, you risk a break. Of course, this is not desirable. But if it had to happen, it would not be without good reason, and even if it is a difficult test, it is not insurmountable.

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